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Malaysian band release new album

THRASHIT was founded in early 2011 near Subang Jaya city, a part of Selangor State Malaysia. The band was founded by Jorn (guitar/vocals) as a one man band project  in order to create some different style from other underground bands in Malaysia, influenced by a much more possessed and complete worship to the old German thrashing speed style. Imagine a mixture of thrash, heavy, speed, black and with a punk edge!
On February 26th WITCHES BREW released the debut full length album from Thrash Metal band THRASHIT entitled “Kaiser Of Evil”

01. Pressure -02:28-
02. Fallen War -03:18-
03. Neckbanger -02:55-
04. Son Of Bastard -02:29-
05. Thrashing And Slaughter -03:26-
06. 666 Days In Hell -03:19-
07. Kaiser Of Evil -03:30-
08. Thrashit -02:39-


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