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Saga Of Sorrow Get Set For Their War Of The Wolves


Saga Of Sorrow was started in early 2013 by Steven Mulleneaux. It began as a recording project to put together a two song demo for him to get his name out to other bands to join. The more he wrote, the more he realized that he had a unique sound and so continued to write more and more songs. .

Finally he finished the rest of their first album ‘War Of Wolves’. With fast guitar riffs, hard hitting drums, a mix of clean, black and death vocals blended with dramatic keyboards and dynamic backing vocals the album War Of Wolves is an attention grabber right from the first title track ‘War Of Wolves’ all the way to the two final songs ‘Hero’ and ‘Operation-X’. War Of Wolves was released on November 15th so make sure to order your copy from CD Baby or download it from itunes or Amazon!

Steven Mulleneaux started getting involved in music when he was 15 years old when a friend of his asked him if he would be interested in being their drummer. Steven agreed and immediately started drumming for the band. After the realization that he had no clue what he was doing he decided to end his drum career at the ripe old age of 16. At this point he began playing guitar. He took Celtic Fingerstyle lessons for two years and eventually went on to start playing metal. He started working with Pro-Tools recording program. Growing up in a small town there were not many people to start bands with and he realized that if he wanted to put good music together he was going to have to teach himself to play the bass guitar and keyboards as well. After a few years of teaching himself random instruments and how to work with track-by-track recording, he finally started to work on his first album ‘War Of Wolves’. This project initially started out as a way to cure his boredom and his cravings of wanting to play music, however, it soon became much more. Trying to recruit multiple people to help him with recordings, he came to the conclusion that it would be easier to complete the first album by himself and see where he could go after that.

Steven is now working on his second album which at the moment will be named ‘Black Blood Of The Ice Queen’. Stay tuned for that release!

Twitter: @SagaOfSorrows
Amazon: Download on Amazon here >>
iTunes: Download on iTunes here >>
Website: www.SagaOfSorrow.com

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