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The thrashers, who have just toured the UK

Rising from the squalor of a cursed punk house for their live debut at a New Year’s Eve keg party welcoming in 2001, founding members Ryan Waste and Tony Foresta quickly embraced a DIY ethic to spread the word about their band and graduated to booking shows out-of-state and even in Mexico. After a self-titled EP and the ‘Waste ‘Em All’ debut album in 2003, bassist Phil ‘LandPhil’ Hall and drummer Dave Witte were ushered into the fold. This line-up went on to record three full-length albums for Earache Records (2005’s ‘Hazardous Mutation’, 2007’s ‘The Art Of Partying’, and 2009’s ‘Massive Aggressive’).

Dedicated to keeping the spirit of the 1980’s cross-over scene alive, it was with their uncontrollable mirth and succinct songs that lead Municipal Waste to reap the rewards of their hard work. By the time they signed with Nuclear Blast in 2011, they had proven themselves as die-hard road warriors who could tour and perform with bands outside their genre such as Suicidal Tendencies,The Casualties, 7 Seconds, Circle Jerks, Sick Of It All, GWAR, Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, and At The Gates and win over their crowds.

Here they are 15 years later and their rabid fan base – which includes fans of metal, punk, and hardcore – continues to expand. The fact is, no one could argue against Municipal Waste‘s reputation as the ultimate feel-good party band.

You can order Municipal Waste‘s latest record, 2012’s ‘The Fatal Feast’ here:
‘The Fatal Feast’ Limited Edition CD

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