Featured Band: La Casta


Blackened hardcore from Italy, spewing with contempt

The band was born in 2013 in the city of Monopoli, in the Italian Southern region of Apulia. The roots of the birth of laCasta are in the will of four friends to express all their rage through loud and dissonant sounds, wrapped up dark and black musical shades.

The name of the band is inspired by the system that surrounds and controls all the planet, where all the castes hold the power day by day more.

All the lyrics of the band, spewed out with contempt in the laCasta’s songs, talk about this scourge intrinsic the heart of everything. This is the reason why the band plays their live shows from behind their crowd, as a sign of refuse. laCasta’s sound mixes the dark influences of the hardcore musical scene with the violence of the black metal sounds, giving birth to powerful riffs, full sounds and hammering breaks that master the atmosphere. The nihilistic attitude of the band is full of blasphemous and orthodox shades, and it is one of the most wanted in the extreme music scene.

On the 5th  December 2015 their first auto produced EP called ‘Encyclia’ is officially out. This work could be described as a rage explosion, a cage of pure sound violence, an ocean crammed with hate, black as the darkest side of hell where the band lairs up for creating oppressive and obsessive sounds, dirty of a slimy mud, ready to encroach brutally their victim over and over again. The album is a well mixed fusion of crazy sounds and really perverse sort of musical influences, with an amazing result. At the moment the band is promoting ‘Encyclia’ on tour; but at the same time they’re still concentrated in creating new music with a foolish taste and made by a color darker then a place lacking in light and gravity.






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