Hana Piranha are an alternative rock band from London fronted by violinist Hana Maria. With “a voice that Juliette Lewis would kill for” and a violin that “shreds and grinds like a one-woman Queensrÿche”, the band come with “an air of malevolence, menace and danger”, leaving nothing sacrosanct as the audience is taken on a voyeuristic trip of pleasure, anguish and shame.

New Zealand born Hana belongs to the caste of strong individuals like Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Shirley Manson and is unafraid to show that you can be strong and triumphant by being wounded and fragile.

Following previous successes with Pledge Music, Hana Piranha are continuing to draw on the support of their loyal fanbase with new releases made possible through crowd-funding on the Patreon platform.

Having already garnered high-level attention from their first EP and two full albums, Hana Piranha are ready to take the next step and take the UK by storm with their new releases.