Croatian rootsy blues with banjos….

They come from the mines of Appalachia where Dock Boggs left his health, from 6ft underground where Burnside’s love rests, from the streets of Hearne where Blind Willie played on Saturdays, from the shore of chilly Jordan, from the Oldham’s back porch in Louisville, from another side of Dylan, from Folsom prison and Glen’s Greystone chapel, from the last scene of The searchers and Ethan’s sorrow, from duelling in Deliverance, from the band in Southern comfort, from the wreck of the Old 97, Gus Cannon’s ghost, Solomon’s fast train, Woody’s land, muddy streets of Clejani and Bogdan’s farms.

“They” are Croatia’s She Brought Me Gasoline and you need to check them out.

Their single is here: