First contact has been made from Black Futures. Their debut single ‘Karma Ya Dig!?’ is set to send seismic shockwaves through the atmosphere. Prepare for an onslaught to all stereo systems.

An existential exploration through surrealist psych susceptibilities, it threatens deep, dark and dangerous bass and swelling synths. These elements combine to create a celestial dream-state amongst blistering industrial noise-punk soundscapes.

The duo entitled Black Futures have the mechanisms between them to create interplanetary anthems, reminiscent of Death From Above 1979, Nine Inch Nails and The Chemical Brothers, yet resplendent with cosmic radiation of a brand new species.

About the single Black Futures explain that, “‘Karma Ya Dig!?’ is about that summer in your early twenties soaked in reckless abandon and calamity. Buddies bound by a pure youthful nihilistic will to adventure, to be outcasts and to destroy everything. Losing some of those characters tragically along the way, we like to keep them existing in the purity of that positively distorted memory. 

We also wanted the riff to feel like all of existence is smacking you in the face and making you just stare in awe at its absurd diversity and scale. Yeah it’s a song and yeah it is definitely probably not about nothing, so fuck it!? Just enjoy the breeze and we’ll see you on the other side.”

Causing the listener sensory elevation, Black Futures are raw, riotous and ready to detonate. Strap in tight, the journey has only just begun.

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