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German band rework their classics

Germany’s leading Melodic Hard Rockers Fair Warning have lined up the release of their latest ‘Pimp Your Past’ studio album, featuring 2016 versions of the most outstanding tracks from the band’s first three studio albums, on Steamhammer / SPV on October 28th. Eleven classic songs drawn from ‘Fair Warning’ (1992), ‘Rainmaker’(1995) and ‘Go’ (1997), have been completely re-recorded, and in some cases significantly re-arranged, using bang-up-to-date modern studio technology, by a band whose proficiency is patently much developed since those early days.

Bassist Ule Ritgen states that “When our Japanese record company approached us with the request for this kind of album, we were skeptical to start with. But once we had made up our minds to not simply re-record the material but furnish it with a few fresh arrangements, the project gained momentum and we were gripped by a kind of eagerness to explore the possibilities. Especially since the new recordings are very energetic and sound excitingly different in parts while their essence has remained the same. You can tell that the originals have a lot of substance and that their quality is extremely robust.”

Ritgen notes that “As Tommy’s voice has lost none of its range or brilliance in the past 25 years, we didn’t have to change the key on any of the re-recordings. Lots of bands have to pay tribute to the passing of time by playing their early hits two or three half-tones lower. That doesn’t apply to us. ‘Pimp Your Past’ presents all songs in the same key as in the mid-Nineties.” What has changed, or rather, been refreshed, are various musical details; “If you compare the new and the old versions, you will discover differences between the performances,” guitarist Helge Engelke points out, continuing “We all have continued to grow as musicians, we’re much more laid-back today and in some ways also more proficient artistically than we were back then.” Ule Ritgen adds; “Our love of detail has always been typical of Fair Warning. Today, this is complemented by our musical maturity and the love of new inspirations.”

And obviously also by their increased self-confidence, as ‘Rain Song’, among others, reveals, the musicians having stripped the track down to its bare essentials and recorded it completely without keyboards. Engelke; “Now you can hear that the vocal melody and guitars carry the song all by themselves. In addition, as a musician and composer these days I’m into a more natural sound and clear contours, real guitar sounds and organic drums.”

On the subject of the album’s unusual cover artwork, Helge jokes that “We’ve run out of dragons, unfortunately they’re extinct,” but getting to the core of the matter, continues “Of course people may wonder what this ‘arty stuff’ is all about. In view of the term ‘pimp’, a cover featuring old cars would probably have been the logical thing to go for. But honestly: who wants something normal? And after all, monkeys also stand for an early stage of the evolution of man, so the album title and the cover fit together really well. To put it in a nutshell: we played with our origins on ‘Pimp Your Past’, which was not only a lot of fun but is also expressed in this particularly humorous artwork.”


01. Longing For Love 3:50
02  One Step Closer 3:58
03. Out On The Run 3:59
04. When Love Fails 4:37
05. Long Gone 4:39
06. Burning Heart 4:13
07. Picture Of Love 4:44
08. Angels Of Heaven 5:34
09. Rain Song 4:46
10. Save Me 5:34
11. Don´t Give Up 6:43

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