Spaniards unleash live clip

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM are releasing a pro-shot life video of the song “The Polyarnik”. The original track has been released on the eclectic Catalans’ latest full-length ‘A Year With No Summer’.

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM comment: “As the echoes of ‘A Year with no Summer’ start to recede, we would like to share with you one last memory of our foregone European tour. ‘The Polyarnik’ was recorded live in Gdańsk on last November 9th before the watchful gaze of a mesmerized crowd. Thank you so much for walking with us through this surly year. It has been a rough journey, but also a wonderful and transformative experience, and now it’s time for us to move onto new territories. Again. See you on the other side!””

OBSIDIAN KINGDOM have performed “The Polyarnik” in support of their current full-length ‘A Year With No Summer’, which is streaming in full at Bandcamp

and still available in various formats from the Season of Mist shop:

Regarding ‘A Year With No Summer’, OBSIDIAN KINGDOM commented: “Our new album ‘A Year With No Summer’ is a spiked cocktail of city spleen, conspiranoia and personal trauma; blue like the stagnant water in the pool of a marooned holiday resort and heavy like the silence after the next radiant apocalypse.”

Artwork and track list of ‘A Year With No Summer’ can be viewed below in the limited Digipak version.

1. A Year With No Summer
2. 10th April
3. Darkness
4. The Kandinsky Group
5. The Polyarnik
6. Black Swan
7. Away / Absent