Wheelhouse Records singer/songwriter Elvie Shane‘s debut full length album BACKSLIDER is available today, here. Shane co-wrote the set that embodies the crunchy hooks of Classic Rock with the everyday poetry and nostalgia of country music. And the emotional electricity of Gospel and R&B – all with that punchy “edge” Shane knows so well. 

Backslider‘s release follow Shane’s recent celebration of a huge milestone that saw his debut smash-hit single “My Boy” hit the No. One spot at Country radio, and the lump-in-your-throat anthem to step-fatherhood continues to resonate with so many. 

Shane also released a spirited visualiser for one of the new tracks on Backslider, exclusively premiering the video for “Love, Cold Beer, Cheap Smoke” with American Songwriter today, available to watch here

“I believe music should hurt ya, heal ya, or make ya wanna cut loose,” shared Shane. “Now that Backslider is out in the wild, I hope it accomplishes all three. Kick back with the ones you LOVE, enjoy some COLD BEER or CHEAP SMOKE. However you listen to music, just turn it on and turn it up!”

Backslider – Official Track List:

1. I Will Run (Elvie Shane, Doug Johnson, Adam Wood)
2. Love, Cold Beer, Cheap Smoke (Elvie Shane, Russell Sutton, Drew Green)
3. Sundays In The South (Elvie Shane, Derrick Southerland, Albert E. Brumley)
4. Sundress (Elvie Shane, Doug Johnson, Adam Wood)
5. County Roads (Elvie Shane, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles)
6. Rocket Science (Elvie Shane, Joybeth Taylor, Jakob Miller, Oscar Charles)
7. My Kinda Trouble (Elvie Shane, Erik Dylan, Ray Fulcher)
8. Kickin’ Stones (with The Fletch) (Fred Eltringham, Steve Mackey, Rob McNelley, Tom Bukovac, Kris Donegan, Matt Nolen)
9. Saturday Night Me (Elvie Shane, Doug Johnson, Adam Wood)
10. My Boy (Elvie Shane, Russell Sutton, Nick Columbia, Lee Starr)
11. Heartbreaks & Headaches (Elvie Shane, Dakota Payton)
12. Nothin’ Lasts Forever (with Tenille Townes) (Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Oscar Charles, Matt Willis)
13. Keep On Strummin’ (Elvie Shane, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles, Clinton Payton)
14. My Mississippi (Elvie Shane, Jakob Miller)
15. Miles (with My Mama) (Elvie Shane, Jonathan Sherwood, Luke Preston)