Metal band for kids SLAY DUGGEE release their new video, a cover version of the Elton John classic ‘I’m Still Standing’.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/fEa6T9PvkDg

The song has been a staple at kids’ discos since Taron Egerton’s gorilla Johnny closed the animated film ‘Sing’ with it. Now here is the metal version you never knew you needed to keep kids active and motivated at home.

Kids all over the world have been on lockdown for weeks. Can you imagine how long this feels when you are six years old? SLAY DUGGEE want to help them get through this with some metal motivation, and celebrate how good the kids have been at staying home and staying safe.

Black Shuck singer, “I’m Still Standing seemed like the perfect track, it’s all about being resilient against adversity. It’s also good for jumping around and shouting.”

SLAY DUGGEE recorded this track in their home studios while on lockdown. They shot the video on their laptops to show kids how to enjoy listening to metal in different places in your homes.

The track has been mixed and mastered by former The Prodigy engineer and mixer Dave Pemberton at MCC Studios.

Continuing some popular lockdown themes, SLAY DUGGEE have added a bear hunt into the video and some rainbows. See if you or your kids can spot them all.

Singer Black Shuck says “A daily 30 minutes of high intensity moshing in your living room is better than watching Joe Wicks. Kids will come out fitter, stronger, and with a better knowledge of blast beats. Just remember to try to fit in a short rest before the breakdown kicks in.”

Drummer Ozzy OzBone says “We want kids to stay home, stay safe and stay metal.”

Singer Ricky Bow-Wow says “Moshing is fun…but make sure you secure a decent perimeter. When the flat screen TV gets trashed by a mid morning circle pit gone wrong… nobody’s laughing.”

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