Mini Meltdowns premiered their video for “I Wanna Die,” a song from their Destined For Disaster EP via Milwaukee Record today. According to director Nick Sommer (who also stars in the video), “The song is sort of tongue-in-cheek and suicide is such a serious subject, so I wanted to figure out a way to show the idea of ‘I Wanna Die,’ but make sure the audience knows the main character doesn’t actually want to kill himself. Playing off the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray kills himself repeatedly until he finally wakes up with the girl of his dreams, our video does the exact opposite.”

Sommer manages to soften the video’s dark motif through the use of illustrations from John Mcguire and visual effects from Dave Keihl, which the director says “help push the dream sequences to a work of imagination.” There’s also some great live footage, some of which was filmed underwater. It’s also worth noting that this video also manages to pick up right where the “Number On Me” video left off.

Watch the video here.

Mini Meltdowns’ Jon Phillip had a rough 2018. You’d never know it from the ever-sunny disposition exhibited by the Mini Meltdowns frontman, who’s also a respected and prolific drummer; having been a part of such groups as Limbeck, the Paul Collins Beat, Ben Weasel, and the Replacements’ Tommy Stinson’s rotating cast of backing musicians, to name a few.

After having settled into an exciting new life on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennesse, just a few years back, Phillip was dealt a handful of life challenges that brought on some heavy anxiety and the urge to give up completely…most significantly having to grieve the sudden loss of his beloved father, who encouraged little Jonny to play music from a young age, and dealing with a few toxic relationships.

Phillip has since found love, received his undergraduate degree, and on October 4, his own Good Land Records will release Destined For Disaster, the second EP from Mini Meltdowns, the band he started with the Promise Ring and Dashboard Confessional’s bassist, Scott Schoenbeck. The EP was produced by All-American Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty, who also laid down some lead guitar and backing vocals for good measure.

Since he’ll never show it in his face, our window into Phillip’s immense pain is in black and white for us all to see on Destined For Disaster. The four song titles say what needs to be said: “Gonna Miss You,” “I Wanna Die,” “Afraid of Everything,” and “You Bring Me Down” deliver their messages clearly with quick, riff-tastic blasts that show off Phillip’s growing comfort in performing front and center. The EPs influences shine through, thus proving that the Road To Ruin can lead to a promised land.

To celebrate Destined For Disaster (and restored happiness in general), Mini Meltdowns will play its first ever full-band show, a stacked release party on Friday, October 18 at the new X-Ray Arcade in Cudahy that also features Telethon and Graham Hunt (of Midnight Reruns infamy).

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