The Hawkins’ second album “Silence is a Bomb” is out today September 4, 2020 via The Sign Records. 12 tracks of modern-sounding, Swedish rock music with a great variety of musical expressions and feel. Besides the album, the band also shares a live video of them performing one of the albums heavier tracks “Stranger in the Next Room” in the deep Swedish forest.

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The Hawkins are always ready to drop the bomb. But there won’t be any silence when this band hits the stage. With a wide variety of influences like The Hives, Imperial State Electric, Propagandhi, and Royal Republic, the band could be described as an encyoclopedia of modern rock music. Energetic riffs and catchy hooks make The Hawkins a natural component of the Scandinavian rock scene.

The band’s debut album “Ain‘t Rock n Roll” was released in 2017 on Gain/Sony and made an immediate impact on the Swedish rock scene. They’re now back with a second album, the 12 track rock ‘n’ roll outburst “Silence is a Bomb”, out now via The Sign Records. Besides that, the band also shares a live recorded video of them performing one of the albums heavier tracks “Stranger in the Next Room” in the deep Swedish forests.

The Hawkins’ lead singer and guitarist Johannes Carlsson explains his and the bands’ excitement about the album release:

“I am immensely excited and happy that we are finally releasing this album. I’m very proud of the songs and the album as a whole but also of how we’ve grown as a band and as a family throughout the making of this album. These days leading up to the release will probably be my best week this year, so I feel fucking amazing right now. I hope people can feel something fruitful and amazing whilst listening to this album as well.”

“Silence is a Bomb” is out now on The Sign Records. The album is available on all streaming platforms as well as vinyl (black/yellow) and CD.
The Hawkins

Johannes Carlsson: Guitars/Lead vocals
Mikael Thunborg: Guitars/Backing vocals
Martin Larsson: Bass/Backing vocals
Albin Grill: Drums/Backing vocals

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