Belgian dark rock outfit DIABLO BLVD is proud to announce the launch of 2 brand new music videos.

Animal‘ and ‘Sing From The Gallows‘ are the first 2 singles taken from the highly awaited new album, Zero Hour, which is scheduled for September 22th, 2017.

DIABLO BLVD main man Alex Agnew had to say on the announcement: “I once heard somebody say that in troubling times like these, there can never be enough bands using their music and lyrics as a platform to object and to protest. It’s safe to say that »Zero Hour« is our contribution to that statement and although I realize there’s too much beyond our control, it would be an even bigger crime not to speak about it. The idea behind the album title is that the protective shell we live in, can no longer hide what is really going on. The world outside is catching up to us. Just like on the album cover (see below) where a beautiful sculpture is burning on the inside, we have to realize that what we once knew is no longer there. It’s just a matter of time before we will experience some kind of ‘reset’ whatever that may be. Both ‘Animal’ and ‘Sing From The Gallows’ deal with subjects of politics, classical religions and newer versions of mass manipulation and how it messes up our everyday lives. These 2 tracks formed the blueprint of what »Zero Hour« is all about and that’s exactly why we decided to release these videos at the same time. Together they form one story and an intense first introduction to our soundtrack for the End Times!”

In addition, Zero Hour is now available for pre-order.

Pre-order the digital album here:

Zero Hour is a dark eleven-track groove monster with haunting melodies, huge guitar riffs, driving bass and pounding drums. Taking their inspiration from both classic metal acts like TYPE O NEGATIVEMETALLICA and BLACK SABBATH and eighties new wave bands like KILLING JOKESISTERS OF MERCY and GANG OF FOURDIABLO BLVD craft a unique sound ideally suited for these dark times. The perfect soundtrack to the end times!

Catch DIABLO BLVD live, here:

09.07.  B          Antwerp – Antwerp Metal Festival

20.08.  A          Dornbirn – Conrad Sohm*
22.08.  CZ        Prague – Futurum*
23.08.  D         Leipzig – Werk2*
24.08.  D         Berlin – Huxley’s Neue Welt*
23.09.  B          Antwerpen – Trix
14.10.  UK       Bournemouth – The Anvil
15.10.  UK       London – The Black Heart
17.10.  CH       Wetzikon – Hall of Fame
18.10.  D         Munich – Backstage Club
19.10.  D         Leipzig – Hellraiser
20.10.  D         Berlin – Privatclub
21.10.  D         Hamburg – Marx
24.10.  NL        Nijmegen – Merleyn
25.10.  NL        Amsterdam – Melkweg
26.10.  D         Cologne – Underground
27.10.  D         Stuttgart – Keller Klub
28.10.  D         Weinheim – Café Central

10.11.  D         Weissenhäuser Strand/Ostsee – Metal Hammer Paradise

*Support of LIFE OF AGONY

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