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It’s festive season (allegedly) here’s a Christmas song. It’s got Moog Synthesisers

Following on from their upbeat, eletronic infused single ‘Real Sympathy’, The Gromble are pleased to share with you a slice of twinkly Christmas magic in their stand-alone new track ‘By Christmas’. The band say: 

“This is our first ever holiday song, falling somewhere between an experiment and a labor of love. By Christmas’ relies more on synths than any of our previous releases, using a vintage, Prophet T-5, MOOG Voyager, and Crumar Performer. The song started out as an attempt at a 32 bar classic-style Christmas song, which is reflected in the lyrics of the first verse. Beyond that section it devolves into our normal fare, hopefully blending some of the sounds and feelings of classic Christmas music with some modern sounds and instrumentation, bringing with it a structure that is less rigid and maybe less reasonable.

Hailing from the warm shores of California, five-piece band The Gromble grew up playing together in various bands and have established the kind of rare synchronicity that has helped them carve out their own idiosyncratic niche: a charming blend of orchestral alt-folk and indie rock, honed live supporting such acts as The Lemonheads.

With the classic intensity of early greats Pavement, Weezer and Neutral Milk Hotel and a taste for the heartland classics, they arrive somewhere between Grouplove, Miniature Tigers and Vampire Weekend. They take their name from Nickelodeon’s Aaahh!!! Real Monsters a perfect indicator of their unashamed love for 90s pop culture and for the sense of humour that runs beneath the surface of their songs.

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