London four-piece GUISE are joined by Emily Barker on sublime new single ‘I Know When You Leave’. 

Ahead of the release of their debut album Youngest Daughter (due 29th April via Xtra Mile Recordings), the latest offering from London-based GUISE is a dazzling, vocal harmony led track that sees the foursome joined by singer-songwriter Emily Barker
Grappling with the hardship that comes with being apart from someone you love, the track is as sublime as it is stirring with frontwoman Jessica Guise‘s emotive lyricism brought to life with lush vocal harmonies and sparse instrumentals. 
Discussing the story behind the heartfelt new track Jessica explains:

“I wrote the words to ‘I Know When You Leave’ on a bus in Italy, and the tune came to me later back in London, Separation from the person I love is a pretty normal part of my life, but that doesn’t make it easy all the time; things are generally just a bit worse when we’re apart, and that’s what this is about.” 
Recorded almost completely a cappella, with a subtle measure of floaty keys tumbling in towards its crescendo, ‘I Know When You Leave”s barren instrumental landscape adds to the sense of longing and isolation at the track’s core. 
On this decision to strip things back for ‘I Know When You Leave’, Jessica adds: 
“I always wanted it to be an a cappella track, it just arrived that way in my head. Laura and I spent some time working up harmony lines and the lovely Emily Barker lent her gorgeous vocals to make it a trio.”