Coming out of the French hardcore scene in 2016, Montagne found each other and embarked on a different path. Switching out their frenetic offerings for a meatier, sludgier delivery with lashings of post-metal thrown in for good measure, their journey was just beginning and continues today.

With the launch of their latest single ‘We’re Not Embarking On An Interstellar Journey’, which is the final track to be taken from their 2020 EP ‘Black Waterfall’, Montagne are closing a chapter ahead of new music, the details of which will be revealed soon.

We’re Not Embarking On An Interstellar Journey (streaming links) exemplifies the future direction of Montagne, as vocalist Kelu describes it:

“We found our alchemy in this track, our musical recipe. Merging low tempos riffs, ambient moments and very fast, epic sections, if people like this track, they really need to hear the material coming out soon!”.

Accompanying the single, comes a spectacular video which examines the lyrical concept being critical of technicism (the belief in the utility of technology for improving human societies). Teaming up with Director Camille L’héritier, the resulting video is as cinematically brilliant as the track is sonically huge.

Check it out for yourselves right now!

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