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Just shy of three weeks before release of their Colicky mini-LP (September 9, Iron Pier), Self Defense Family have unveiled another song off it, titled “It Isn’t Very Clear Is It”.
Colicky is a dark, roiling post-punk gem written during a time of personal turmoil.  These four songs are Self Defense Family’s most jagged, unflinching look yet at the disintegration of intimacy and love; a tight and eclectic mini-LP that ranges from cerebrality and coolness to measured chaos.
Self Defense Family is one of the most innovative and adventurous bands in contemporary independent music. Though vocalist Patrick Kindlon (also a founding member of the noise-punk band Drug Church) has historically held the band’s center through its many incarnations, SDF is best described as a loose collective of musicians spread across the U.S. and Europe. There are about two dozen current and past members—tours and studio projects are scheduled based on whoever is available at the time. As such, no single member of SDF has played every show or played on every recording.
1.  Staying Current
2.  All True at the Same Time