Them Guns have released their new single ‘Dark Side’ via Golden Robot Records. This track marks the second single of their highly anticipated second album, expected out in 2023. 

Dark Side‘ was written by front man Navarone Garcia, son of Priscilla Presley and film producer Marco Garibaldi. “I wrote it about how everybody has a side of them that they don’t show the rest of the world. How everybody has a secret, or a vice.” 

The track starts off rather upbeat with Kyle Hamood on drums, Johnny Martishius on guitar and Chuck Holiday on bass before Navarone Garcia comes in with his sinister vocals and catchy chorus. 

Dark Side‘ perfectly encapsulates darkness; whether its living in us, among us or between us. There is a beauty to the chaos in this song with an understanding that we all have our secrets and you never know what is inside someone’s head or who you’re standing next to. 

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