Self-proclaimed emo-gressive punk rockers, Crossing I’s Dotting T’s, have released their new single Overworked and Underused’ out now across digital platforms, through Riot Records.

‘Overworked and Underused’ is an emo-alt rock song with post-hardcore and 90s alt rock influences. It’s intended to evoke emotion regarding the internal struggle you get when you make the same mistakes day after day, after telling yourself “I’ll be better tomorrow and get back to being me.” The band feels that humans always go through an identity crisis at one point or another and wanted to portray that feeling of trying to find yourself again. 

‘Overworked and Underused’ is the third track to be released this year and the follow up to the singles ‘You’ (feat. Brian Swindle) and ‘All Feelings Aside.’ Crossing I’s Dotting T’s are gearing up for the release of their new album later this year.

Stream/buy ‘Overworked and Underused’ HERE