Louise Patricia Crane launches the second video from her forthcoming album, ’Deep Blue‘ with the stunning clip for “Ophelia” which is also released as a single across all streaming platforms today. 


Produced by Full Moon Media; the production company responsible for the award-winning video of Crane’s debut single “Deity”, “Ophelia” takes a darker turn than it’s predecessor, in keeping with the tragic narrative of the Shakespearean character on which the lyric is based. Filmed entirely at night across a full week in the bleak cold of early February 2020 “Ophelia’ takes its visual lead from Sir John Everett Millais’ painting of the same name.

For years I’ve been fascinated by Millais’ rendering of Ophelia“, elaborates Louise, “I find the Pre-Raphaelites so alluring with their depictions of classic scenes from literature and legends, married with lush verdant scenery. When I was writing in my notebook for this album I became fixated on old flower books, engravings, how flowers once carried meaning… as in “The Language of Flowers”“.  “The botanical obsession is clear throughout my writing on the album! A few years ago, I’d just moved to Cambridge and I took a day to go around the London art galleries with a friend. To finally see Millais’ Ophelia in the flesh for the first time was really quite breath-taking. The sadness in her glassy eyes, the placement of the flowers around her. The delicate lace of her dress. This balance of the romantic and the macabre is really alluring to me. When writing for this song I explored the meaning behind the flowers that surround Millais’ Ophelia. The forget-me-nots stood out, to me they were a key feature of this piece. They carry their meaning in the name”.  “My concept for the video was to mix the romantic macabre I associate with the painting, with a ’70s horror aesthetic. It is the “Moon” to Deity’s “Sun”. A sister video to illustrate the themes across both sides of the ‘Deep Blue’ album and Full Moon Media helped me realise this perfectly“.

Vocals: Louise Patricia Crane
Backing vocals, tin whistle: Jakko Jakszyk
Flute: Ian Anderson
Guitar: Stephen Carey
Fretless bass, bass guitar: Steve Gibbons
Violin: Shir-Ran Yinon
Percussion: Simon Rippin

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