Danish singer-songwriter (and Pretty Maids frontman) Ronnie Atkins has announced the forthcoming release of ‘Make It Count’, a brand new solo album. Out on 18th March 2022, his latest electrifying melodic hard rock masterpiece appears almost a year to the day after his last full-length record, the acclaimed ‘One Shot’. A single from the new album entitled ‘Unsung Heroes’ is out today.

Having been diagnosed with incurable stage 4 cancer shortly before recording ‘One Shot’, Atkins states that: “I still feel like I’m racing against time, so me and my team of musicians followed exactly the same procedure this time around. I sent my songs to Chris [Laney, producer], who worked on demos. Once satisfied with the arrangements, I would record the vocals and the individual musicians laid down their tracks. I already had quite a few ideas from the ‘One Shot’ sessions and just carried on writing. The album was then recorded between April and October this year.”

In regard to the songs, he explains: “the melodies and toplines are the first priority. If I feel I’ve got a good song with the right chord structure and a strong melody that sticks in my head, then I know I’m onto something. To me, a good song is a good song and then it’s a matter of how you wrap it up.”

Discussing the album’s lyrical themes, he adds: “the lyrics are always the hardest part from my perspective! Sometimes you already have the title and the topic when you’re writing the song and at other times you’re just out of ideas. This time around it was tough as my health issues are in my subconsciousness 24/7. No matter what I do, I’m confronted with it every day, so some of the songs are inevitably touching on this issue. That said, I’m also trying to give it a positive twist, meaning that we just have to get the best out of life and love the one we’re with while we’re here. It’s just impossible to write about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll or whatever living with a life-threatening disease and a dagger hanging over your head. It is for me, at least! Overall, the lyrical content is partly about the aforementioned topics, the climate, and other things that make sense to everyone without being too political.”

As to the merits of making solo records, he observes: “I don’t have to argue with anyone whether it’s too pop or too lightweight. I’m my own boss and the only one to take responsibility if it doesn’t live up to people’s expectations. But, this is what I want to do at this stage of my life and I’m convinced that ‘Make It Count’ is a great melodic rock album. I hope that fans won’t be disappointed.”

Healthwise, he concludes: “I felt pretty good during the whole process, at least physically. 🙂 And this time, I had the chance to actually meet with some of the musicians in-person because the Covid-19 restrictions were not as tough as they were when we recorded ‘One Shot’.”

Ever since commencing his rock n’ roll journey a full four decades ago with Pretty Maids, Ronnie Atkins has consistently gifted his fans with quality melodic hard rock. ‘Make It Count’ once again delivers in spades.

1  I’ve Hurt Myself (By Hurting You)
2  Unsung Heroes
3  Rising Tide
4  Remain To Remind Me
5  The Tracks We Leave Behind
6  All I Ask Of You
7  Grace
8  Let Love Lead The Way
9  Blood Cries Out
10  Easier To Leave (Than Being Left Behind)
11  Fallen
12  Make It Count

Ronnie Atkins – lead and backing vocals
Chris Laney – rhythm & lead guitar, keyboards
Allan Sørensen – drums
Pontus Egberg – bass
Morten Sandager – keyboards
Linnéa Vikström Egg – backing vocals
John Berg – guitars
Oliver Hartmann – guitars
Pontus Norgren – guitars
Anders Ringman – acoustic guitars


new solo album
out 18.03.22

pre-order link

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