New masked hard rock act THE NEW DEATH CULT have released their third single ‘True Eyes’, out now via Indie Recordings.

Premiered via Distorted Sound, watch the new video here:


A new force in rock, the masked group present themselves as otherworldly, a group arriving with fresh music and important messages for humanity. The four members ALPHA (vocals, guitar), BETA (lead guitar), GAMMA (bass), and DELTA (drums) combine with music centred around true love, peaceful activism, and an anti-war and anti-destruction ethos.

As bandleader ALPHA comments, the new single ‘True Eyes’ is:

“about intuition and our connection to the realm of the unconscious universe. It describes an awakening to the realization that our primary vision resides within our soul essence-and while our physical eyes will wither and die-this navigational sight in the realm of the metaphysical will always be clear, true and immortal.

This very realization also has some super heavy implications on how we perceive other human beings and life itself: imagining whole universe compressed together at the size of a droplet before the Big Bang, it means that you and I – by metaphysical and physical matter – were present in that first little primordial cosmic droplet.

Although we live in a world that is constantly trying to defy this truth through fear-fuelled propaganda and religious bigotry, this deep connection to each other and to the universe itself is therefore eternal and inherently unbiased.”

A crossover between the likes of Queens of the Stone AgeFoo FightersBiffy Clyro, and Pink Floyd, the group drive heavy rock in a new direction whilst giving a nod toward the greatest 90s rock acts. Desert rock collides with a tinge of psychedelia and cosmic grandeur, creating a scintillating new sound.

‘True Eyes’ follows THE NEW DEATH CULT‘s previous singles ‘Light Spills Over’ and ‘Zeitgeist’, which collectively have garnered over 150,000 streams currently, official Spotify and Deezer playlist support, and support from Dan P Carter’s BBC R1 Rock Show.

Watch the band live:

Malakoff Festival, 18-20 July, Norway
Summer Breeze Open Air, 14-17 August, Germany

For more information: