Irishman overseas reissues his debut

When you can write, paint and act, it’s hard to bring your “A” game to the field of music. Just look at some of the actors who have tried their hand at music and, quite frankly, been awful. Bruce Willis, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton…you name it, they’ve all seen their acting career as a valid reason to embark on a music career. With Clark Brolly however, music is just one side to this story.

An Irishman living in America, Clark Brolly has been embodying the punk spirit since he can remember. While many would be happy to focus on one artistic outlet, Clark not only creates wonderfully off the wall screenplays (he’s currently working on a script for a 3 part TV mini-series inspired by Gina Rodriguez from “Jane The Virgin” and a sci-fi space adventure movie!) but he has also been creating impressionist art and acting, all while spending his time circulating the hardcore punk scene.

His debut solo album, “Bangor Retro,” was recorded in Bangor, Northern Ireland in the winter of 2014. This album encapsulates not only the punk spirit that Clark carries with him, but also shows how his varied artistic output has molded his sound into a wonderful hybrid of punk and college rock, almost as if the Sex Pistols had grown up to be R.E.M. or 54-40.

That’s no bad thing, this is an album that has a verve and vigor that pulsates throughout, it’s basslines dancing a way through the vitriol and anger taken from years growing up in Northern Ireland during the troubles, and living in LA during the boom and bust times. This is an album that exudes experience and a lack of willingness to give up on his principles.

This album has now moved to a UK label for the first time since it’s early 2015 release, with it being slimmed down to 10 tracks, keeping the best 10 cuts. While Clark is writing, he’s always searching for the next muse. While it’s currently Gina Rodriguez, he’s pragmatic about the future. Upon joining the roster with ScreamLite Records, his reaction was one of pride, citing Nirvana and Sub-Pop as his inspiration. The sign off to his email accepting the deal was; “Be fearless. Trust your path…no matter where it leads. Be humble and patient. Be loving. Peace.”

If they’re not words to live by, then we don’t know what are.

Brolly’s debut album “Bangor Retro” to be reissued Monday May 2nd.