MusicPlanet Live is a brand new free music platform that is set to revolutionise the musical world by bringing together venues, artists, promoters and fans together in one social hub.

Due for public launch in June 2017, the site is now open for bands and venues to add their information and connect with each other.

Founded by music fans first and foremost, MusicPlanet Live will revitalise the live music scene from grassroots upwards by creating opportunities for artists, connecting venues and promoters with relevant artists and building music communities.

Venues, bands, promoters and fans will be able to interact and connect, encouraging exposure, communication, and growth. The site will also allow all users to notify their fans and followers at no cost.

Every user can access Music:Mapped, a powerful global navigational tool which shows the location of venues and artists across the world:

Designed by industry professionals including venue owners, promoters, musicians and more, MusicPlanet Live has been created by people who live for music, for those who live for music.


  • Find great gig opportunities locally and out of town or even internationally.
  • Develop networks and friendships with other artists
  • Share targeted news to ALL your connected fans for FREE forever
  • Manage every social media channel from your Music Planet Live page
  • Sell  music, tickets and merchandise directly to fans


  • Connect with local bands and build local community
  • See at a glance your local artists/musicians, and their local following
  • Display full and up to date information about your venue
  • Advertise upcoming shows direct to bands’ fanbases
  • Connect with promoters and artists with calendars and other shared tools.
  • Have full use of state-of-the-art online/mobile ticketing software


  • Access full information on availabilities of venues and acts
  • Information on the following of available acts linked to your venues
  • Templates and tools to help promote shows
  • Free targeted campaigns to ALL your potential attendees
  • Full use of state-of-the-art online/mobile ticketing software
  • Create your own unique live events – new gig locations, festival sites, halls


  • Connect to your favourite artists
  • Buy concert tickets, merchandising and music
  • Show a demand for your favourite ARTISTS to visit your city and make shows happen
  • Watch music videos and listen to music of all the acts you love
  • Search the globe by genre for your new favourite acts