Bostin’ Costin’


The busiest man in Romanian music does his bit to help

An all-stars benefit project whose profits will be entirely donated to the victims of arson in Bucharest, Romania, at the end of October, where 60 metal fans died while attending a concert by local band Goodbye to Gravity.

Costin Chioreanu, worldwide known visual artist and musician, together with none other than David Tibet (CURRENT 93), Rune Eriksen “Blasphemer” (ex-Mayhem guitarist), Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Mirai Kawashima  (from SIGH) have forged a marvellous album, both musically and visually. Marvellous, intimate and obscure soundtrack-like music adorned with eight stunning designs made by Costin.

1. Absent Abstract Above
2. An Empire Beneath Oblivion
3. Phanthasma And The Midnight Stalker
4. Ihwaz
5. A Storm Shall Take The Words Away
6. Outside The Great Circle
7. Portals

Running Time: 57 minutes


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