London-based grunge rockers KING NUN today reveal their latest single GOLDEN AGE, taken from their highly anticipated new album ‘LAMB’. The album is set for release on Marshall Records, 29th September 2023. Fans can pre-save/pre-order – HERE. Along with the announcement, the band has shared details for a run of UK in-store events this fall. Tickets can be found – HERE

KING NUN’s latest slab of tooth-rattling rock offers listeners a welcome escape from the day-to-day drudgery of modern life. Speaking in the new single, vocalist Theo Polyzoides comments:

‘Golden Age is about feeling damned by the normalcy of life around you” contemplates the front man. “it’s about trying to have fun and break away from the mundane too. There is so much about modern life that feels unnatural, or that things could have happened differently, so the humour lightens things up a bit in an anti-defeatist way.”

‘LAMB’(produced by the band’s very own Caius Stockley-Young at The Marshall Studio) sees the London quintet take us on a journey that embraces vulnerability and authenticity. With a poignant blend of introspection and raw emotion, this is a collection of vibrant, hook-laden tracks that delves deep into the human experience; with a healthy dose of existentialism, confronting one’s terror, as well as social and emotional threats and anxieties head-on.

The album encapsulates the struggle to remain true to oneself in a world that often demands conformity and detachment. This powerful indie-punk, grunge opus serves as a profound metaphor for that delicate part of us susceptible to cynicism, trauma and emotional pain. Yet, it is precisely this vulnerability that emerges as the most beautiful aspect of our being, rising to the occasion with resilience and grace.

In a society where the prevailing response to challenges is often to become cynical and mask our emotions, ‘LAMB’ offers a refreshing alternative. It speaks directly to the struggles faced by many, highlighting that true solutions lie not in aggression or escapism, but in embracing our shared humanity. By retaining our naivety, optimism, and trust, we can carve a path towards a brighter and more compassionate future.

“LAMB is about vulnerability,” exclaims vocalist and enigmatic frontman Theo Polyzoides. “It’s about being true to yourself. It’s about retaining the part of you that is naive and optimistic and trusting, in the face of a world that will turn you into a fucking android if you give it even an inch.” exclaims Polyzoides.”

“So, LAMB is a metaphor for that Achilles heel, the part of you that is susceptible to trauma, emotional pain… all of these things,” he expands. “that’s the thing that rises to the occasion and is the most beautiful part of us… I think that, actually, if we all just tried to retain a bit of humanity, we’d probably make a better future.”

Since first single Tulip in 2016, King Nun has gone on to reach as many of their childhood ambitions as they could: headline tours across the UK, Europe, and the US, as well as shows supporting bands such as Foo Fighters, Black Flagand Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. They pride themselves on their raucous live shows, vindicated by Rolling Stone naming them ‘Best Rock Newcomers’ at Bonnarroo festival.

“I really do believe LAMB is our greatest achievement because it’s so honest,” says Theo, “and it’s the thing I’m most proud of because there was such a struggle to make it happen.” Over the course of the lockdown, the boys wrote non-stop with their vision fixed firmly on the next release, with the name itself guiding them from the start. “I loved the quasi-religious imagery that we were using with Mass, and the title of that album led us on to the title for Lamb. I knew that that name had significance because the thing that struck me about it was the innocence and fragility being right next to the sacrificial animal. A lot of violence and naivety right next to each other in the same word.”

From their place as young outsiders, King Nun have grown together to make their own space, somewhere strange and expressive and entirely their own. Their very identity is rooted in the honesty and range of emotion they put into their music, balanced between brash garage punk and soul-searching introspective, never afraid to say what they’re feeling and push the music as far as the message. It is only a matter of time before King Nun is hailed as one of indie rock’s most distinctive voices.

‘LAMB’ will arrive 29th September 2023 via Marshall Records. Fans can Pre-order – HERE. In-store tickets can be found – HERE.

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