Following the release of A Message – the recent single that saw the return of BLOODHOUND after a two-year absence and embodied their devastating ability of melding coruscating guitars with joyous melodies – the band are now preparing to release their new single, ILLUMINATIONS, on 15 July.

ILLUMINATIONS reflects on society’s ongoing obsession with social media, and the inherent toxicity within this need for connection, which ultimately affects real people in real life.

It details feelings of needing to be someone else, of an overwhelming desire to be involved in every second of someone else’s life, to such an extent that we neglect to experience what’s actually going on around us. The driving claustrophobia of the song reflects these anxieties and the fear that, as the band themselves say, “Technology advancement is scary and it’s starting to consume people in such a way that genuine conversation may die in years to come”.

Talking about the song’s inception, the band add,“We wanted something drone driven, and we were listening to a lot of Drenge and DIIV during the making of this song. It’s a very simplistic song with a lot of drive, and there was something hypnotising about revolving the song around one note because every time we added a little nuance, a guitar part, a drum fill, a vocal melody change, it really stuck out. It’s also just completely relentless and never seems to let up. We used to call it “the death song” because every time we played it live, it killed Max’s voice and sapped all our energy, so now we tend to play it towards the end of the set.”

BLOODHOUND worked with Adam Bairstow from fellow monstrous noise makers Brooders in recording, producing, engineering, and mixing the track, then finished mastering with Pete Fletcher at Black Bay Studios. An animated music video for the track has been created to play into the current digitalisation of the world, and to represent an element of irony to what the song is about.

To coincide with the release, BLOODHOUND will play the following dates:


Fri           15           BRIDLINGTON                      The Black Lion

Tue         19           LEEDS                                     Oporto

With further dates in Nottingham, Liverpool, and Hull to be announced soon.

A MESSAGE video: