Garry lets us know the songs that have been on his turntable most in 2016

Never let it be said that we don’t cover all sorts on Maximum Volume. Ladies and gents I give you number six.

Top Tracks 2016
1: Big Big Train: Telling The Bees
2: Ray Wilson: Cold Light Of Day
3: Marillion: Wake Up In Music
4: Cheap Trick: When I Wake Up Tomorrow
5: Turin Brakes: 96
6: Shakin’ Stevens: Last Man Alive
7: Sari Schorr: Aunt Hazel
8: Scott Matthews: Drifter
9: Lissie: Daughters
10: Syd Arthur: No Peace

Just missing the cut
Kim Seviour: Fantasise To Realise
Fern Fox Palmer: End
Dan Reed Network: Eye Of The Storm
Inglorious: Inglorious
Stone Broken: Another Day