South UK metal outfit Torchbearer have today unleashed the blistering new EP ‘WARRIOR’, a soaring 7-track onslaught reflecting the bands personal experiences, coupled with the raw new video for ‘Catharsis In Karma‘:

“‘Remove the mask and step into daylight face to face with my dark side. There is catharsis in Karma.’ All Torchbearer songs are personal to my experiences, Catharsis in Karma is particularly poignant for me. It’s a message of self-accountability. We all suffer misfortunes, we have all been disappointed by failure. What’s our reaction to this? If we solely blame another person, a higher power or bad luck, we can be consumed by bitterness and resentment. If we are able to look at ourselves and take responsibility for our own part in this, we can learn from our mistakes, grow from the experience and move forward with positivity” – Andy, Torchbearer

Riffs form Ollie Gould that represent how he was feeling at the time. The band has had more than their fair share of uncertainty.

The accompanying video for ‘Catharsis In Karma‘ conveys who the band really are in their honest and transparent state for this offering. Stripped back and hiding behind no gimmicks:

The 2023 EP, produced by Charlie Wilson at Monolith Studios, followed on from two impactful singles, with VINDICATION paying tribute to Mo (bassist)’s late brother who died under police restraint, ‘wanting to live for him and make him proud of me” and THE WARRIOR SPIRIT; serving as a fitting quasi-title track to the full EP. The lyrics serve as a conclusion in overcoming the adversities discussed throughout the record by meeting them head on with courage and conviction, evoking the spirit of a warrior heading into battle:

“This record covers personal topics such as bereavement, anxiety, trauma, insecurity and self-accountability with the overarching theme of not just endurance, but triumph. Torchbearer do not wallow in despair, but aim to provide a source of hope. This is why “Warrior” was a fitting title-track as the lyrics offer a summary of overcoming these adversities by meeting them head on with courage and conviction, like a warrior heading into battle.” – Andy

Formed in 2016 by guitarist/vocalist Ollie Gould, bassist Mo Bashir and vocalist Andy Mansell, with the current drummer Ollie Sitford having joined in 2021, the London / South Wales quartet draw influences ranging from Every Time I Die to Pantera, combining in-your-face riffs, vicious vocals and catchy melodies to create a distinctive sound, with lyrics addressing racial prejudice, police brutality, corruption, confinement and mental health, leading to a blistering, visceral listen. This sound to date has been captured on the band’s three EPs, and one studio album ‘Solace’, which was released in 2022.

Torchbearer’s relentless ethos and unstoppable approach as an unsigned band has led to nationwide tours, making a name for themselves with their powerful live show, which eschews gimmicks and technology in favour of full-throttle, high-energy performance, and are on tour now:

Watch, Stream and Share ‘WARRIOR’, out now:

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