Back in 2018, Denmark’s Demolizer unleashed their album “Thrashmegeddon” upon the world. You probably don’t need me to tell you what it sounded like. But that’s precisely the point, isn’t it? The four men behind it didn’t need anyone to tell them what it should sound like either because, just like their latest release “Post Neurotic Human,” it embodies the very essence of thrash metal. When thrash metal is done well, it usually sounds exactly like this.

From the opening scream of “Post Neurotic Human,” the title track and opening song, you’re instantly introduced to the ferocious nature of the album. If “Fascist State” is heavier, it channels the spirit of Slayer, while “The Butcher” reveals the unmistakable undercurrent of violence that runs throughout the record.

“Crossfire” follows the thrash tradition of fixating on war, starting with President Biden’s speech after the Afghan withdrawal. However, it’s the scorching solos delivered by Aria Mobbarez and Ben Radtleff that truly ignite the track. The machine gun drumming on “Sarnarth” creates a maelstrom of hate, while “Killing A Friend” creeps like a nightmarish presence lurking in the shadows, ready to strike.

“Day After Day” showcases near-perfect modern thrash elements, and “The Wheel” is primed for a moshpit frenzy, exuding a youthful energy. “Capital Punishment” encapsulates the spirit of Warbringer engaged in a knife fight with a death metal band.

“Warmonger” may follow a similar path, but isn’t that precisely the point? This album stays true to its thrash metal roots, unapologetically delivering what fans of the genre crave. It refuses to be diluted by any “core” nonsense or any pretentious “post” tags. Since around 1982, thrash metal has always been about a bunch of people thrashing like maniacs, and Demolizer epitomises that ethos.


Rating 8/10

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