Psych-rockers Longheads have released ‘One Step Further’, which is the latest single to be taken from their forthcoming EP Mars Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore and is coming out November 2nd via Longreel records (pre-order here).


‘One Step Closer’ transports us to the outer realms with its lo-fi vocals echoing between the spaced out orchestration of punchy drums and reverb rattling guitars transcending the listener to a higher plain.
With the track, the band were experimenting with ‘through-composed’ song structures, which is a continuous, non-sectional and non-repetitive piece of music and showcases the bands talents as fierce instrumentalists and masters of their craft.

Lead singer and bassist Sam Mitchell says, “‘One step further’ serves as the pre-amble to the narrative contained within Longheads’ upcoming E.P Mars doesn’t feel like home anymore. The song depicts the unfolding of a siege, the beginning of the end. This can be felt within the dynamics of the instrumentation which build to a grand crescendo to conclude the battle.”
It follows the release of the EP’s first single ‘Longherder’, which is a lysergic slice of King Gizzard infused groove drifting between sanguine moments reminiscent of The Doors and expansive guitar solos of Hendrix. Listen here.
Mars Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore follows the release of 2021’s debut EP Higher Than Bacteria. The new EP has seen the band take a much looser approach when it came to both writing and recording, incorporating improvised jam sections and capturing the band’s incredible live energy to the songs on record.
“When gigs started happening again last year we found ourselves in a position where we needed to write songs to fill up the space in our set. Because of this we started playing the new songs live as soon as they were finished and we continued to change and refine them based on how they went down.” Comments guitarist Al Bishop
Originally hailing from Norfolk the band who are completed by Nick Oakes (drums), Benjamin Reeve (guitar & vocals) and Mitchell Corrigan (synths) are now based in South London where a few of the members live in the Guardianship scheme occupying various sites and spaces across London. This is where they recorded the EP at their very own ‘Longreel Studios’ in October last year, which was a space the boys had set up in an old theatre opposite the oval cricket ground.
Here the space of their surroundings allowed them to dive deep in writing with no limits and a week after they had finished all the live tracks they were handed their one month notice and had to dismantle the studio.
You can watch a session recorded live at the Longreel Studio here, which will give you a taste of what to expect from the band live.

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