The Mustangs are back with a brand new album, WATERTOWN, out in May, and preceded by their new single SHE DIDN’T GET INTO THE WATER.

The album is an environmentally-themed concept album about industrialisation, Americanisation and pollution, and is the band’s ninth studio album of original material.  The band’s drummer Jon Bartley, is also the co-leader of the National Green Party. Jon says: “This album is very fulfilling to me, it’s the first time we’ve done something that aligns with what I do politically. But it’s also got some great tunes and lovely performances”. 

The album has been mixed by renowned blues producer and four-time British Blues Award winner Wayne Proctor. Wayne has previously worked with acts like King King, Ben Poole and Oli Brown. He also produced the Mustangs’ last album Just Passing Through. “You always know you’re going to get Grade-A songwriting with these guys“, says Wayne.  “Not just interesting arrangements, but also great lyrics and melodies”. 

Main songwriter, singer & guitarist Adam Norsworthy says, “We’ve stretched our wings on this record to take in more of our influences and the music we love, including folk, rock, country, prog and psychedelia. The Mustangs DNA is still present, and we’re hoping that our fans in the blues and R’n’B communities will enjoy taking this journey with us.”

WATERTOWN will be released on Skyfire Records and available from Amazon, iTunes and all the usual retailers.

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