Supreme Belfast Hard Rock group The Irontown Diehards, an organic outfit whose potent brew of heavy blood boiling riffs, outstanding anthemic choruses and electrifying live shows has already captivated a sizeable following, have lined up the release of a brand new single, ‘Ride’, on June 28th.

The Irontown Diehards, four incredibly talented musicians who have all previously played in top Northern Ireland rock and metal bands, have concocted their own unique style and blues-tinged original sound. ‘Ride’, the first single to be taken from The Irontown Diehards’ sophomore album ‘Linchpin’, set for release on September 6th, is a blistering, groove-laden, melody drenched, unpretentious introduction to the quartet’s upcoming milestone LP.

Charismatic lead singer Phil Dixon states that “‘Ride’ is simply, “Get off your ass and grab the world by the balls. Wake up and take a look around you. Don’t become some drone and have others dictate how, or what, your life should be. You get one go round this world, so get off your knees and live your life.”

Check the video out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLcEQiec8hU&feature=share

The Irontown Diehards, who were formed in 2014 by Phil Dixon and guitarist Andrew Baxter, released their debut self-titled album in May 2016 to critical acclaim. “If you skip a song on ‘Irontown Diehards’, you will miss something. Each song has something slightly different and yet there is still a cohesion to the sound. This is such a difficult thing to achieve with any new band trying to define its sound. Some bands try too much, to the extent that you aren’t sure they know what they are. Irontown Diehards have a clear vision of what they are, right down to their image. They dare to be different without being too different, if that isn’t too contradictory. In some ways, Irontown Diehards achieve what Metallica failed to do in it’s ‘Load’ era i.e. convince at being heavy without always having to be heavy in every song. This is music that is not derivative of anything and should have a very broad appeal.” (www.chordblossom.com).

The Irontown Diehards, an undeniably original band breaking out of the conventional rock / metal aesthetic, are; Phil Dixon – Vocals, Andrew Baxter – Guitars, Bass – Mark McCallion, Drums – Eamon Lenehan.