In the twilight realm of goth-rock, where melancholy reigns supreme, a flicker of transformation emerges. Windsor, ON-bred and Phoenix, AZ-based post-punk enigma Some Days Are Darker 

Their very name whispers of duality, suggesting that even in the deepest shadows, light may linger. Their latest single, “Dead Romance,” weaves this delicate balance into a tapestry of haunting beauty and introspective empowerment.

From its inception, “Dead Romance” was a vessel for catharsis, evolving over years as frontman Lear Mason navigated the emotional battlefield of love lost. The track’s moody aura captures the essence of moving through and on.

“‘Dead Romance’ began as a ballad,” Mason reveals. “I struggled with the lyrics, rewriting verses, adding lines, eliminating others. I think I was writing an apology I wasn’t ready to give, so it languished for years… a ghost in the shadows.”

The breakthrough came with the intervention of producer and SDAD drummer Robbie Williamson, who helped Mason reshape the song’s somber tone into something more driving and resonant with his current state of mind. 

“Relationships are chaotic, and blame is shared. We endure, we learn, we grow. And so, the song found its voice in being more of a celebration of perseverance than an apology.”

What emerged is a track steeped in the dramatic flair of goth-rock icons like Placebo and Depeche Mode yet pulsating with a fresh new voice. Bassist Chris Martin’s groove summons the forlorn to the dance floor, blending sorrow and strength in an irresistible call to embrace their darkness.

Some Days Are Darker will bring their melancholic yet uplifting saga to life in two upcoming shows. They will first cast their spell at The Beast in Tempe, AZ, on Saturday, June 15, followed by an evocative performance at The Nile Underground in Mesa, AZ, on June 21.

Join them as they transform tales of misery and woe into a dance of acceptance and resilience.

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