Second Sun is back with a new single, “Du är allt du har” (translated to “You are everything you have”). The single is the second one from the Swedish band’s upcoming, third album “Kampen Går Vidare”, to be released on Gaphals in November. The upcoming full-length is a concept album, telling the tale of an adult person’s political journey. From being a happy rebel to becoming a bitter cynic. “Du är allt du har” is the second part of this story and is released today, September 18, together with a lyric video.

“Kampen Går Vidare” (“The Struggle Continues”) is the third full length album from the Stockholm-based group Second Sun. The album is due to be released on Gaphals records, also known as the bloodhounds-, or truffle pigs for that matter, of qualitative Swedish underground music. The album addresses the political convictions of an adult human being, from a blissful rebel, through phases of clarity of mind, uprising, eagerness in the spirit of change; to the hardened cynic, ridden with doubts of indifference and weariness of the world. These states of mind are familiar to most people, and sometimes these conflicting sensations can even have their firm grip on your body and mind, all at the same time.

“Du är allt du har” is the second track, and single, of the album. A mid-tempo, folk, prog, and heavy rock inspired tale with lyrics about a person realizing that everyone, including the person itself, is in fact a lying promise-breaking bastard. Sung with an almost heart-shattered voice from ex. Tribulation drummer and Second Sun frontman Jakob Ljungberg. Like much of Second Sun’s work, the single addresses a mixed feeling of hopelessness combined with a need for rebellion. Poking a special nerve in the body of underground rock enthusiasts and misfits. As the band says themselves; Raising your fist in defiance, while tears well up in the corners of your eyes!

“Du är allt du har” will be released this Friday, September 18. The Album “Kampen Går Vidare” will be released on vinyl and digital format November 6, 2020.

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