NAUT is a 5 piece dark rock band from Bristol, whose shared love of classic rock and metal, alongside reverence for the post-punk pioneers of the late 70s and 80s makes itself known from the start. Their songs switch from raw tribal tom beats to uplifting anthemic synth in a moment, but always stay danceable and perhaps most dangerously, catchy.

The driving bass-lines and pounding drums create a dynamic and shifting rhythm section which supports the interwoven guitar and synth lines, creating harmonies more akin to NWOBHM than a straight up post-punk revival band. The lyrics emerging from the riffs carry a theme of otherworldly exploration, removing self imposed limits and realising your will. These elements came together to create a release that made people take notice with their debut EP ‘Raise The Lights’ in 2018.
Now on 8th November NAUT will release their follow-up the ‘Semele’ EP, once again recording with Jamie Elton, this time at Ben Capp Studios in Bristol, with mastering by Orgone Studios (Ulver, Grave Pleasures, Ghost) and also featuring a guest solo on the title track from Henrik Palm (In Solitude, Ghost). The band comment,
“These tracks allowed us to collaborate with an artist that we’ve been dreaming of working with for a while now. He’s a Swedish guitarist/solo artist by the name of Henrik Palm and he has been behind some of our favourite truly dark music in the last few years, so to have his mark on the release in the form of a guest solo is mindblowing.

The tracks themselves are quite contrasting, as night and day, before and after. At the time there were a lot of conflicting things happening in life and breaking free from those was always in my mind, and that has clearly come out in the music writing process. The lyrics can be seen as a document of the hopes, fears and dreams of the writer at the time they were written and by making the subconscious tangible one can better understand where their path is taking them and what they want their journey to be.”

Watch the new video for ‘Semele’ now –
NAUT’s music is a based on a desire for it to sound big, natural, yet larger than life, whether influenced by the bass lines of Motörhead, the song writing structure of The Doors through to The Sisters of Mercy, Blue Oyster Cult and Thin Lizzy. All this leaves NAUT musically standing apart from contemporary post-punk revival bands, bringing something new to the table and the energy of the past back to where it should be, here.
The name NAUT was guitarist Jack Welch’s creation with the band adding,
“We’d been searching for something that was the right fit and didn’t have too much of a preconceived idea about the music attached to it, something that wasn’t obviously genred. It came about as we all feel that any creative endeavour is an exploration of ideas and the self. ‘Naut’ is a suffix in English used to form nouns meaning a voyager, farer, or tripper, the notion of travel and exploration of the self seemed a natural fit as a result. We also have a preference for one-word band names, so that was that.”

Since their first show in September 2017 the band have continued to play live sharing the stage alongside the likes of Grave Pleasures and Cold in Berlin with more shows lined up for later this year.

The ‘Semele’ EP is available to pre-order now –

1) Semele (Featuring Henrik Palm)
2) Spirit Horses
3) Reprise
Upcoming shows:
20/11/19 – Bristol, The Exchange Basement
21/11/19 – London, The Unicorn

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