Following on from the release of Copyright Strike earlier this year – a unique covers EP of songs by the likes of Kiss, T. Rex, and Pere Ubu – Ohio-based synth-pop masters, Metrolight, release their debut album next month on Tee Pee Records’s Annex.
Founded by musician David James, Metrolight is a glorious and eclectic aural amphetamine trip with fellow Death of Samantha bandmate, John Petkovic (Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple, Sad Planets). Powered by the same pulsating rock-covets-synthpop energy channelled on albums like Pete Shelley’s Homosapien and Units’ Digital Stimulation, Metrolight could well be the synth-pop find of 2022.

As well as releasing some of the finest rock, punk, heavy metal, and psych music around, Tee Pee Records’s Annex is the ambitious archival project from New York’s legendary underground label.
“The Annex is a home for releases we think are exceptional but sit slightly outside our usual mission for the label,” explains founder, Kenny Sehgal. “So far we’ve worked on projects with artists like Nick Saloman, Simeon Coxe, and Osgood Slaughter. These artists might not always tour or play live; they could be digital-only releases, co-releases with other labels, side projects, or lost classics from local NYC bands. In short, awesome odds ‘n’ sods.”
Recorded at Somewhere Recording, in Euclid, Ohio and produced by the band and Michael Seifert, Metrolight’s self-titled debut is released on 21st October.
Stream and share new single ‘Stranger from Strangeland’ HERE

1. Beautiful Prisons
2. Ghost Driving
3. Stranger from Strangeland
4. Asteroids
5. Satellite Station
6. Eyeware
7. Molecules
8. World’s on a Wire
9. Eurovision
10. Baby You’re a Blur
11. Les Étoiles
12. Woke Up Screaming
All songs written by James and Petkovic
Synthesizers, guitars, and rhythm programming, Backing vocals by David James
Vocals and backing vocals and guitars by John Petkovic
Additional vocals by Brianne Bryant
Additional guitars by Doug Gillard
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