Dublin’s finest new rock/metal quintet JET FUEL CHEMISTRY have streamed their video for new single ‘Sleep’, taken from their forthcoming EP Sign of the Times, released on 7th August.

Watch the video, premiered on Rock Sound, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fTqTeF-lhA

And pre-order the EP here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/jetfuelchemistry/sign-of-the-times

In the words of the band:

“‘Sleep’ is the second track on the EP, with a focus on the exacerbating of isolation and mental illness by social media. It’s paradoxical that the more time we spend “connected” to one another, the more alone we feel.

“All in all, the world is a really chaotic and fucked up place right now and if we’d written a release without this tone we’d feel dishonest and, frankly, there’s every chance we’d have gone insane. People need to stop vilifying each other, and instead unite to hold those with power accountable for our misery. It’s a positive message that we hope anyone can get behind.

Sign of the Times is a release this band really cares about. We painstakingly recorded and produced every second of it ourselves in one tiny bedroom. The songs explore the nature of societal fears and public hostility and, more interestingly to us, how these emotions can be exploited (or even manufactured) for gain.

“Our goal was to pioneer an exciting new sound while keeping our roots in guitar-driven heavy rock. We’re passionate about the music, so naturally our lyrics address subject matter that we feel passionately about. Throughout these songs we offer our take on a series of issues with something in common – their contribution to our inevitable doom.”

Elements of I PrevailNothing More, While She Sleeps and modern Bring Me The Horizon come together to create an EP far more than the sum of its parts. New track ‘Sleep’ is a huge track, and another demonstration of the power JET FUEL CHEMISTRY possess.

An impressive collection of songs from such a young band, JET FUEL CHEMISTRY first came together three years ago. The entirety of the band’s EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered in guitarist / producer Danny’s bedroom, for a grand total of £0.

A scintillating mix of anthemic alternative rock and modern metalcore mark this new group as ones to truly take attention of.

The sounds of Dublin are fully embedded in Sign of the Times. As bassist Lorcan states:

“Dublin is a city notorious for phenomenal indie music and there’s a lot of positives to that, but what’s overlooked by that movement is the misery endured by Dublin’s young people for the last decade as more and more of their lives and identities shift to social media. We love the music coming out of our city but most of it does not capture the spirit of dread and aimlessness that’s become the norm here. We want our songs to not only acknowledge these issues, but to give a two fingered salute to the enablers of our collective unhappiness and offer a source of strength to anybody feeling as lost as we do.”

Such a thoughtful, considered approach is typical of JET FUEL CHEMISTRY and a true acknowledgement of their calibre, carried throughout the five songs. The EP’s eponymous track satirises our modern culture of self-worship, with the cry ‘it’s just a sign of the times’ signalling the forfeit of redemption in favour of nihilism. The track opens with a Greta Thunberg quote that perfectly encapsulates how self-involved we have become: a young woman speaking at the UN, begging them to take responsibility, and yet she becomes the target of abuse.

Who cares about public approval when you have integrity?

The spotlight on JET FUEL CHEMISTRY has grown steadily brighter following a whirlwind of live shows across Ireland, more than holding their own as support to a string of powerhouse US rock bands from Halestorm to Hundredth.


Danny Bochkov – Guitarist / Producer
Ed Orr – Guitarist
Lorcan Macken – Bassist
Dan Cusack – Vocalist
Ross McDermott – Drummer

3:Sign Of The Times
5:Use Your Eyes

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