HOT CHELLE RAE return with a brand-new infectious pop rock anthem ‘Heart and Mine’ which is out now on all digital platforms.

‘Heart and Mine’ is the lead off single from HOT CHELLE RAE from their new joint venture label Yama Records, partnering up with Golden Robot Global Entertainment. This brings GRGE to twelve record labels globally. HOT CHELLE RAE brings in angst and a darker vibe than they’ve been known for while keeping their hooky melodies and quirky lyrics with this song about two people coming together over broken hearts from relationships. 

Listen to ‘Heart and Mine’ HERE

Jamie Follesé- HOT CHELLE RAE

“We’re really excited about the partnership with Golden Robot in forming our label imprint Yama Records. Not only will this allow Hot Chelle Rae to continue to release new music, but we will also be able to search out, sign and develop emerging artists.” 

Mark Alexander – Erber – President and Founder GRGE

“I can’t express enough how excited I am to work with Hot Chelle Rae. Getting into the pop scene has always been on the cards for Golden Robot Records and I’m super happy that Hot Chelle Rae has been the band to open that door for us. Starting Yama Records in partnership with Hot Chelle Rae is a brilliant new venture that is sure to bring in a tremendous amount of attention and kick starting the label with one of their new singles is a fantastic beginning to a long-term partnership with Hot Chelle Rae and a new era.

The boys from the band will also be taking the A&R helm of the label which means 2022 will see the Yama Records roster expand and we are very excited to see how this grows” 

Look forward to more exciting new music from HOT CHELLE RAE and Yama Records in 2022. 

Listen/Buy ‘Heart and Mine’HERE


Multi platinum selling American pop band Hot Chelle Rae (HCR) was founded in Nashville circa 2005 and today consists of Ryan FolleséNash Overstreet, and Jamie Follesé. Having grown up in musically inclined households, the three came of age among the song writing community in Nashville.

Hence the foundation upon which HCR was built all boils down to really good music. 

They gained widespread acclaim from their 2011 triple platinum single ‘Tonight Tonight’, which went #1 on top 40 radio and sold over 3 million copies, while their single ‘I Like It Like That’ peaked at no. 28 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Their streaming numbers across all digital platforms are massive especially Spotify where they currently have over 3.3 million monthly listeners.

Their skills as songsmiths are mirrored by their live performance chops, refined through years of touring alongside the likes of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Justin Bieber, HCR has become known for their incredible musicianship and intoxicating energy on stage. 

In 2015 they took a rest from the limelight, focusing on their careers as songwriters.

During this time their individual crafts flourished, inspiring them to join forces once again. Slated with a new batch of A+ tunes and sound indicative of their growth as writers and people, HCR draws on optimistic themes, a general feel-good mentality and snapshots from their personal lives.

Coming off the chart -topping success of their single ‘I HATE LA’ released in November 2019, Hot Chelle Rae continued their new music release with their Tangerine EP in 2020 and their single, ‘Do The Damn Thing’ featuring Chord Overstreet and LEVI.