Swedish indie-rock juniors Great Park Avenue release new single; AU REVOIR. Blooming like the vibrant hues of a sunset… A melancholic explosion of Britpop-esque glory.
“Blooming like the vibrant hues of a sunset”, Swedish indie-rock juniors Great Park Avenue have today released their third single of 2020 ‘Au Revoir‘. A colourful explosion of sound, an artistic and improvised creation, breathing life into the faint memories of Britpop glory: https://youtu.be/r1nBLcreK4M
Released on Friday 13th November as the third new single of 2020, Au Revoir follows on from Blue World and The Rain, delivering an eruption of sound, a shimmering soundscape reminiscent of the post-punk glory days. A melancholic journey through love-sick notions and modern-society adolescence, complete with its expectations, feelings, uncertainties and shortcomings.
Drums in the living-room, guitar and bass in the kitchen, vocals on the porch, a DIY approach with artistic precision. For ‘Au Revoir’, Great Park Avenue retreated from their “concrete jungle of jangling guitars” to the Swedish countryside, north of Stockholm to a small, un-named and un-recognised fishing village; the ideal location to get away from metropolitan temptations, with space for ideas lasting days. Chunks of time on their hands, equipment stands made of jenga, microphones taped from the ceiling like one of Zach’s odd little daydreams, and freezer full of gin. Au Revoir was born.
2020 has been a year like no other, and while uncertainty continues to distill throughout the music industry and beyond, Swedish three-piece MAMBO took the opportunity to re-invent, polish their sound, re-brand, and embark on a new direction as Great Park Avenue. Initially looking to breathe some life to the Swedish indie scene, the band found Britpop as the foundation of their music, their true calling, and their eyes firmly set on the UK’s thriving scene. Great Park Avenue look forward to playing a part in rebuilding and expanding the revival of post punk after its glory days in the early 2000s. To Great Park Avenue, music is made to be heard live, a place where the band are free to express, and where art meets audience in real time, and for that, we shall have to wait…
Powerful explosions of sound erupting in all directions, like the creation of a new universe. Great Park Avenue’s sparse instrumentation creates a colourful shimmering soundscape. Everything executed with utmost, sharpest and imaginative precision with dynamics held back to what can only be described as a roaring whisper. Crisp tones delivered from galaxies of sound. Classic themes such as love, hate and adolescence on the dull is sucked into the centrifuge, spat out on the floor and scraped together for you to shape.
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