Danish alternative rock upstarts GO GO BERLIN have released a new EP, entitled Lyfe, via Rodeostar Records / Napalm Records.

The chart-breaking alternative rock group is one of Denmark’s strongest live acts and is now igniting their musical expertise with the new focus track “Struggle is Real“, taken from their new EP Lyfe, which includes five well-written and self-produced tracks.

The soft and floating 80’s-vibed track “Struggle Is Real” sets the bar for the band’s ultra-modern sound and questions how much time you’re willing to wait for one person to change or move forward. All we know is that you can’t wait forever.

Drummer Christoffer Østergaard on “Struggle Is Real“:
“It was our favourite song almost right away when we wrote it. It’s a track we constantly want to put on. It gets stuck. You only have to hear half of it, and the melodies stay in your head. And it’s got something. It’s one of those songs that just makes you happy when you hear it.”

Lead singer Christian Vium says:
“You shouldn’t spend your life waiting for others but instead find out what it is that you want. It is a love song, about the fact that life can be insanely colorless when the right people are not there. Maybe you have to make some choices to move forward.”

Lyfe envelops you like a gentle lullaby, carrying you into the depths of the GO GO BERLIN universe!

The band states on new EP:
“‘Lyfe’ is focusing on changes, a band in constant motion. A band that is always searching for answers and ideas. Sometimes life hits you hard and sometimes you float – It’s a symbol for a new era in Go Go Berlin’s ‘lyfe’. We could not keep these songs in a drawer and wait to release them – They had to be born!

Lyfe Track Listing
1.  I Never Meant To
2.  Changes (U Want It)
3.  Welcome To The Hills
4.  Nervous
5.  Struggle Is Real

Lyfe is out now on all Streaming Services!

GO GO BERLIN on tour:
20.04.21  DE –  Nuremberg / Club Stereo
21.04.21  DE –  Passau / Zauberberg
22.04.21  CH –  Luzern / Schüür
23.04.21  CH –  Wil / Gare de Lion
24.04.21  DE –  Jena / Rosenkeller
25.04.21  DE –  Hannover / Bei Chez Heinz

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