Fast Eddy was born out of the miasma of Denver’s Rock n Roll, and independent music scene in 2014. Formed from members of some notable Denver bands as Dirty Few, and Itchy O, their vision started on a late night ramble.

Somewhat of a side project, without much of a direction, the band named their project after their old drug dealer, and took to writing songs about the heartache and challenges that come along with the hedonistic rampage that it can mean to pursue music unabashed.

As the band became more of a genuine article, each member brought their own pieces to the table and started writing more genuine, anthem-esque powerpop rock n roll. Micah Morris on guitar and lead vocals, Devon Francy on bass, Arj Narayan on drums, and Lisandro Gutierrez on guitar, had stepped up their game and worked their way into a bigger more encompassing world of rock n roll.

Now working with producer and songwriter Tuk Smith (formerly Biters) and engineer Dan Dixon, of Atlanta, they have bolstered up their tracks to the production level they deserve. The band has stayed true to their roots however, each member is a die hard music maniac.

After selling their personal belongings, and almost dying from van malfunctions in transit to simply make their first Atlanta recordings, it’s been one bold leap after the other. but their sacrifice hasn’t come in vain, and they’ve simply come too far to turn back now.

Spaghetty Town Records (Atlanta, GA) and Boulevard Trash (Tulsa, OK) have joined forces on this release and it will be available both of their stores. There is a run of limited edition vinyl available and it will be on all streaming/download services.

Catch Fast Eddy On Tour! Denver Oct/2 KC Oct/5 Lawrence October/6 Milwaukee Oct/8 Chicago Oct/9 Norton WV Oct/11 Philly Oct/12 NYC Oct/13 DC Oct/14 Richmond Oct/15 Asheville Oct/16 Nashville Oct/17 Fayetteville Oct/18 Austin Oct/19 Houston Oct/20 Tulsa Oct/21 Denver Oct/25

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