DALI are a highly accomplished Southampton-based alt-rock band with key influences panning from Biffy Clyro, Mallory Knox and Don Broco. DALI set loose a sound that is riff-orientated and melodically captivating, and above all, absolutely consuming. The hotly-tipped quartet have just revealed their brand new single, You’re Not The One, via all streaming platforms. Watch the video for the track, here –  https://youtu.be/kNPRweVVTqs .

Lifting their moniker from artist, Salvador Dali, DALI were formed in the October of 2018 by drummer, Jack Grossman, who upped sticks from London and completely relocated to Southampton. Soon after, Grossman found vocalist Matt Dudman and Guitarist Peter Wright, and the trio set to work on the initial foundations of DALI. Within their very first year the group played relentlessly and tirelessly up and down the country, making a prominent name for themselves amongst fellow musicians and audiences alike. Word of mouth grew, and the band soon attracted further attention and were invited to support Mallory Knox, despite having no material released.

By the middle part of 2019, the trio recruited Ewan Williams as their full-time bassist. Further praise followed as the emerging foursome dropped their debut single, Sedative, and the follow-up, Contraband, which was premiered with Discovered Magazine. A slew of successful live shows with everyone from Sick Joy, Greywind, Bellevue Days and Big Spring also served to increase the band’s reach and following. DALI are now ripe to break with the release of their blistering new single, You’re Not The One. The track commands your attention and is sure to propel the band into the limelight. Lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Dudman remarks about the motivation behind the single: “These lyrics are the first I’ve ever written out of anger and frustration towards such a wide scale subject, that has not only affected myself, but will and has affected everyone around me also. The song is about the situation that this generation are in / have been left in, it’s a generalisation of the state of things spanning from an individual’s issues, to worldwide pandemics”. With rampant shows and festivals planned for 2020, stay tuned to the band’s social sites for updates.

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