Despatching slamming rock thrusts and engaging hooks with stout muscular riffs, UK trio CIRCLE OF CROWS have been ripping up a storm in the South West of England for the past year, and now the Brit rockers are planning their attack across the UK with the release of their debut EP, Everything Comes After Zero, out Friday 17th August. The three piece have also just dropped a new track, How To Wait For Nothing.

Born in the Spring of 2017 and hailing from Britain’s surf capital, Newquay, CIRCLE OF CROWS went through the usual growing pains suffered by most new bands, before they hit the ideal concoction with Kyle Gormley on guitar and vocals, Josh Smith on bass, and Steve Sudlow on drums.

The emerging trio proceeded to make their mark on the South West by serving up a series of exhilarating performances. With a growing fanbase in tow, the hard-rockers headed to the studio to lay down their debut EP, Everything Comes After Zero. Vocalist/Guitarist Kyle Gormley comments: “The EP was actually recorded last summer, across 5 days at Cube Studios in Cornwall. It was a joy to produce and it’s something we are immensely proud of. We can’t wait to share with our new fans.”

With post-production delays out of the way, the threesome are now ready for a full launch of this engrossing debut record. Boasting six slabs of infectious modern rock that take from Alter Bridge and Audioslave, through to Metallica and Biffy Clyro, CIRCLE OF CROWS will take flight this year.