Alt Rock/Electronic force ‘CHIRAL‘ release their fifth single, ‘In The Company of Wolves’, merging the bridges of Punk-infused Rock and Alternative Metal. Dive into the sonic underworld with Chiral, the wicked 4-piece Irish renegades, boldly trespassing musical borders, concocting a potion of punk, metal, rock, and dance with a side of avant-garde. 

Born in the shadows of early 2023, multi-instrumentalist, producer, Gary Duncan joined forces with vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Adam Brewer, birthing the RATM-inspired anthem ‘Digital Whispers‘ a haunting ode to the existential dread of AI’s influence on humanity. Duncan’s guitar sorcery seduced vocalist Adam Brewer into this dark alliance from the very start. Joining this musical séance to complete the unholy quartet and glue it all together. Eddie “Graveyard” Delaney bringing the thunder on drums, a long-time friend and musical conspirator of Duncans, and rounding out the grit and dirt of the low-end, the bass behemoth Al “Bluster Bhoy” Tierney.

Watch the official video here.

Speaking of the new single, the band says; “”In The Company Of Wolves” is a dark, haunting song inspired by the initial call and response between the bass and guitar that set the tone for this song and shaped how the lyrics and story unfolded, as it had a very dark fairytale vibe.
The lyrics tell the story of a vulnerable character navigating a perilous world, drawing on the symbolism of Little Red Riding Hood, with the wolves representing danger and deceit. 
Set in a mysterious forest of hidden threats and secrets, the narrative builds to a climax where the protagonist, pushed to her limits, seizes a moment of empowerment. 

The imagery of “50 seconds to shoot your shot” and “blood red revenge” underscores her reclaiming agency through violent retribution, ultimately ending her torment. The song encapsulates survival, resistance, and vengeance against predatory forces.”

Although ‘Digital Whispers‘ is where Chiral started, this was a song they had no plans to release, however this all changed after the release of  ‘I Bring Chaos‘ (click here), and how quickly interest in Chiral started to build.

From Chiral‘s genesis to the darker debut release of  ‘I Bring Chaos‘ a song that dives headfirst into the drug-fuelled underworld, it’s music video a graffiti-stained descent into madness. Released exclusively on Chiral’s YouTube (click here) channel on January 27th, 2024, “it’s not just a song; it’s a macabre dance with the absurd“.

In a twist of fate, shortly after the I bring Chaos video shoot, ‘GraveYard Ed’ decided to exit Chiral, this left an opening at the drum stool. After auditioning some awesome drummers for the vacant position, Chiral’s chief axe wielder, Gary Duncan decided to move over to drums. This allowed the awesomely talented Chris Craig (Vendetta Love) to step into the role of Chiral guitarist. The newly reformed Chiral wasted no time, plotting their next move through the shadows.

With further releases like ‘Digital Whispers‘ and ‘Kubrick Odyssey’ exclusively on YouTube in early 2024, a dark pilgrimage through Germany in May, and accolades echoing from the farthest corners of the globe, the chaos of Chiral knows no bounds.
Imagine this pandemonium through the prism of chirality, where rebellion intertwines with the symphony of skulls and spray cans. Chiral is not just a band; it is a carnival of sonic madness, where the darkness beckons you.
Come join the dark parade.

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