With their metal influenced punk rock and their enormous drive, Browsing Collection have brought salvation to their audience on stages all over Sweden and as far afield as South Korea (the band are currently on their second tour of the country). They are Sweden’s toughest, tightest musical bitch-slap and ever since they started playing in 2008 they have decided to keep the control of releasing their music to themselves and instead build their team of collaborators, including the publisher Icons Creating Evil Art, a couple of distributors (physical and digital) and several PR teams.

The band explains: ” When we released our debut album ‘Greetings From Wonderland’ in 2015, we recorded and mixed everything ourselves. Even if we are really satisfied with how it turned out, we can still feel that we didn’t manage to create a connection between the more genre diverse tracks. Maybe we were not as detailed in set-up and production as we have been this time. Some of the songs we released back then was written when we were like eleven and fourteen years old, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that our song writing has changed in ten years.”

Speaking of the album, the band says: ”This record is very true to who we are, and it feels like we finally have found ourselves in our sound this time. The songs have everything, from catchy choruses to heavy guitar riffs. We don’t want to limit ourselves, so if we like a song we make it a part of the album. For ‘Don’t Want to Dance’, we picked the best parts of everything, but we still feel that it turned out as something pretty coherent. We are very pleased with every track; they all tell their own story but are connected in a coherent theme. We have also become better at prioritising among our work. For the previous record we had chosen 12 tracks, where we had different opinions on some of them. This time we have chosen 6 songs that all of us believe in and we hope and believe that our listeners will notice that!”

Formed ten years ago in the deepest forest of Skövde, Sweden, three young girls (aged 11-15) decided to start a rock band. Trusting their instincts, the girls learned how to play instruments, wrote some kick ass-songs and recorded their first EP, taking their first steps on what has become an epic journey.

In the ensuing years members have come and gone, but the girl’s message has always remained;
‘Stand up for yourself, don’t trust jerks, stay away from bullshit and save the planet!’

With this mantra the band has travelled across the country, kicking ass in the name of rock n’ roll. They’ve played festivals like Sweden Rock Festival, Peace & Love, Getaway Rock, Putte i Parken, Siesta!, Metallsvenskan, Malmöfestivalen, etc. This summer they are hosting a Rock camp for young girls together with the Sweden Rock Festival which has been covered by the likes of Gaffa, Expressen etc.

Browsing Collection is:
Carro Karlsson – Drums / Moa Lenngren – Guitar/Vocals
Mimi Brander – Vocals/Guitar / Nora Lenngren – Bass/Vocals

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