Hard rock outfit 11DEAD has revealed an intoxicating new single and video,
Alive –  https://youtu.be/cbBlr4FelOc , out now.

11DEAD is a Dark themed Hard Rock project, which was initially conceived of in 2015, born out of love for the genre, with one full-time member, Si Gann, who handles guitars, vocals and songwriting. All music is written and pre-produced by Gann at his home studio, before being taken to Deadline Studios in Leicester where the tracks are shaped and made release-ready by producer, Adam Ellis, who also plays bass, and programs synth and drums for the project.

11DEAD’s latest single, Alive, may initially call to mind the murky guile of NiN, the crossover appeal of System Of A Down, or the melodic draw of Stone Sour. However, upon closer inspection, you can see that the project encompasses influences from many areas of rock, goth and metal. Si Gann comments about the single: “The opening staccato riff and verse melody set the tone for ‘Alive’, with early intentions to use more synth but still with a heavy guitar base. Pre-production at home really helped the development of the sound, aided by Adam Ellis’ involvement at Deadline Studios”.

With a succession of singles on the horizon, and with new musical pathways to explore, you can expect to hear more from 11DEAD very soon.

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