Swedish doom metallers AVATARIUM released their highly-praised new dark gospel The Fire I Long For last week via Nuclear Blast. Today the band has launched a new album trailer, in which guitarist Marcus Jidell explains how leanring the cello and playing with the legendary Curtis Knight helped to form his style. Find out more, here: youtu.be/exOlkgf7wHo

The Fire I Long For is available to order here: nblast.de/Avatarium-TheFire
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Watch the official lyric video for ‘Lay Me Down’, which features guest appearances by Leif Sundin (backing vocals) and Michael Blair (percussion): youtu.be/wMXrWN4D8P4

Founded in 2012 by Leif Edling of CANDLEMASSAVATARIUM soon saw the arrival of Marcus Jidell (producer CANDLEMASS) and Jennie-Ann Smith who brought an air of charisma with her soulful grace. The band has become an entity of its own and while Leif still contributed three songs for the new album, the band’s current line-up consists of Marcus and Jennie-Ann, who are accompanied on this record by organist Rickard Nilsson and new drummer Andreas ‘Habo’ Johansson (THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM). Together, this open-minded, yet doom-laden collective draws elements of folk, jazz and psychedelic brilliance into a grandiose amalgamation that manages to maintain an almost pop-like elegance. Recorded at Studio DeepWell in Stockholm, the album was produced by Marcus Jidell, mixed by Grammy Award winner Niklas Flyckt and mastered by Svante Forsback (Rammstein).

Watch and listen to ‘Rubicon‘: youtu.be/npPd5f0GZQo
Stream or download the new single via this link: nblast.de/Avatarium-Rubicon
Acoustic performance video for ‘Lay Me Down‘: youtu.be/8HBmtpIedAw
‘Voices’ visualizer: youtu.be/RZEB2jGLxdI

The Fire I Long For includes nine new tracks featuring Marcus Jidell’s soaring guitar solos and Jennie-Ann Smith’s powerful vocals:

01. Voices
02. Rubicon
03. Lay Me Down
04. Porcelain Skull
05. Shake That Demon
06. Great Beyond
07. The Fire I Long For
08. Epitaph Of Heroes
09. Stars They Move

Watch as Marcus Jidell shows off his 100 year old acoustic guitar that he was gifted by his grandmother, and has lovingly restored, as he performs the main parts of the album’s first single, ‘Rubicon’youtu.be/mpQluuO1P0w
Marcus Jidell talks about this 100 year old acoustic guitar, which he used on the new album: youtu.be/OuUafJfXZDEAVATARIUM are:
Jennie-Ann Smith | Vocals
Marcus Jidell | Guitar
Andreas ‘Habo’ Johansson | Drums
Rickard Nilsson | Organ
Mats Rydström | Live Bassavatariumofficial.com