Blackpool metal quartet ‘AVARUS’ have dropped their long awaited debut EP ‘Parallels’. Evolving their sound from previous releases with huge ambient soundscapes fused with immense rhythm sections, ‘Parallels’ has set the tone for future releases. Written during a gloomy lockdown ‘Parallels’ tackles loneliness, arrogance and prejudice in a raw and relatable way.

“This is the music that captures the sound we’ve been searching for since we first started as a band.” ~ Lucas Fletcher Lead Singer

Recorded and Produced by Sam & Joe Greaves of Innersound Audio the opening track ‘Plight’ flaunts crushing guitar riffs that hit any listener in the face immediately, with raw aggression and emotion. ‘Parallels’ features songs including ‘Vultures’, ‘Sadist’ and ‘Nothing Left to Save’. The Avarus sound has matured into a new genre of metalcore and these last three singles released are testament to that, each with their own unique sounds that blend the EP together.

“This EP has been a proper learning curve for the band and definitely a step in the right direction to where we are heading in the near future” – Mikey Pilgrim Bassist.

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‘Nothing Left to Save’